Finally bringing balance to the online home improvement industry.

I’m willing to bet that when you go online to find a plumber, house cleaner, lawn service or any other home service, that your overwhelmed at how many choices there are. I’m also willing to bet that you want to get the best possible price for the service you need done. Assuming I’m right, I guarantee HomeProsFinder will be your go-to when looking to hire a local service professional. This online tool allows local service professionals near you to compete for your service request, resulting in you getting the best prices.

Of course, using a an online service directory to find a list of local companies is not a new concept. These online marketplaces within the home improvement industry have existed for years. HomeProsFinder takes the current online marketplace concept and applies a different approach by better aligning the preferences of homeowners and service professionals.

Home service options are so specialized now that the legwork required to find a good local service company is tedious and daunting. The HomeProsFinder tool changes this approach by “pushing” your home service request to local home service professionals giving them the opportunity to respond by placing a bid on your request. Each service request submitted by users is designed to provide potential service professionals with enough information to allow them to place a competent bid. Users are then notified via an email notification whenever they receive a bid on their request. Finally, users complete their request once they select a bid from among the total bids received. Result: Due to local professionals competing on each service request, our users get the best prices for their home service needs.

Additionally, the HomeProsFinder tool does not operate on a cost/lead approach with our participating local professionals. Professionals are instead limited, by our proprietary algorithm, in the number of bids on service requests that they can place. This idea incentives service professionals to place attractive bids as they can only place so many. Result: Massive drop in marketing expenses for local home service professionals.