drywall installation cost virginia
30 Dec

Determining Drywall Installation Costs in Virginia

A Guide For Determining Drywall Installation Costs in Virginia

drywall installation cost virginia

As with most contracting jobs, a Virginia drywall installation costs will typically fall within a specific range, but can vary according to a number of unique factors. Most professionals estimate that the average cost installing drywall is $1.50 per square foot. Factors that will cause a fluctuation in price are the location, the environment, installation techniques, additional labor required, cost of materials in the local area, and the contractor’s personal rates.

You can take certain steps to roughly estimate how much does it cost to hang and finish drywall by considering the factors above and attaching it to a price. Of course, the best source of an estimate is a professional contractor. You can use tools like HomeProsFinder.com to find contractors in your local area and receive free estimates for the project at hand. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with doing your own estimates before seeking out a contractor.


Estimating Price By Cost Of The Materials In Virginia

The size of the room typically plays a large role in determining the drywall installation cost. Within a certain size range, it’s safe to assume that a larger room is going to cost more. Virginia Drywall contractors charge per square foot in addition to the cost of labor. As the square footage increases so too does the price.

You could also consider the size and price in terms of panels. A single panel along with the labor may cost between $40 and $60 on average. So a small bedroom that requires  12 panels could cost anywhere between $480 and $720 to hang drywall.

Keep in mind, this isn’t taking into account existing drywall that may need to be removed. It also isn’t accounting for rooms with odd shapes, such as arches or dimensions that are not considered standard. In those cases, the drywall will need to be cut to specific dimensions, which may require additional materials and labor, thus driving the price higher.

A standard panel of drywall is going to be 8 feet by 4 feet. The thickness of the panels can vary from a quarter of an inch to five-eighths of an inch. The thicker panels are used for hanging ceilings while the quarter inch panels are most often used for standard 8-foot walls. The increased thickness will prevent sagging, but it is also going to cost more. The cost to hang and the cost to finish drywall ceiling is usually more than the cost of the walls because more work is required.

There are other non-standard options that most often cost more than the standard 8’x4′ panels. For example, there are much taller 16-foot panels that are used in rooms with very high ceilings. The taller panels allow for smooth walls from the floor to the ceiling. However, it takes additional contractors for every sheet and thus the price increases.

Some drywall panels are much smaller as well. Panels that are 16”x16” are commonly sold for small repair jobs. The cost of such a small panel is about 1/4th the price of a normal panel.

With these size differences in mind, you can estimate the basic cost of drywall installation by determining the size and number of panels you will need for the project. The typical cost of an 8’x4′ is somewhere between $10 and $20. The thicker panels will be at the higher end of the spectrum while the 1/4” panels are near the lower end. The taller 16′ panels are around twice as much, if not slightly more. As for the small patches for repairs they are usually between $5 a $10.

If you are only installing drywall in a single room, then you can measure the room and divide that by 4 feet to get a rough estimate of the average price range. However, if the room has high ceilings, then you’ll need to double that estimate because taller boards will be used. Finally, factor in the cost of the adhesive compound, which will cost anywhere between $5 and $30.

Add The Virginia Drywall Contractors Rates To The Price

The above method will leave you with a rough estimate of the price based entirely on the material cost. The contractor is also going to charge their rate for labor. Estimating the cost of labor can be tricky because different contractors have different goals, rates, and requirements. The size and length of the project will also determine how much they charge. Finally, you have to consider the cost to texture drywall if that is part of the project.

It was previously mentioned that the average cost per square foot was $1.50. That number holds true for average sized projects. If the project is much larger or smaller, then the square footage cost will actually fluctuate. Above average projects will have a lower price per square foot and below average sized rooms will have a higher price per square foot.

This happens because drywall contractors, like most contractors, want to make a certain amount of money each day. A small project can take just as long as a larger project, but with fewer materials required. A small room where drywall needs to be hanged on the walls and ceiling, finished, and textured, could take as long as three days, but not require a lot of materials.

If they charged the average rate of $1.50 for the drywall installation cost, then they could make as little as $300 for three hard days of labor after taking away the price of the materials. Most quality contractors would like to make that much in a single day. On average, a professional and experienced contractor may want to make between $200 and $350 a day. The price of a small room that takes a long time can be $3.00 per square foot total, while a larger room that takes the same time could be $1.00 per square foot.

Getting An Actual Estimate in Virginia

These numbers are fine for determining if you are ready to move forward and find a contractor. However, they should not be considered concrete. You may be completely surprised by the rates some contractors charge for drywall installation costs. Some are outrageously high and others are more than fair. Be sure to use tools like HomeProsFinder to locate contractors in your local area and receive free quotes.