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03 Feb

Estimating The Cost Of Installing And Painting Crown Molding In Virginia

install crown molding costCrown molding is a sort of trim that runs along the top edge of your walls. It is meant to conceal the line where your wall meets the ceiling. Similarly, base molding or a baseboard is a trim that runs along the bottom of the wall where the wall meets the floor. Nearly all homes have crown molding and base molding installed when the house is being built. If you are building a new home or if you are remodeling a room, then you might need to install new crown molding in Virginia.

An important question to answer if you’re undertaking such a project is, “How much does it cost to install baseboard and crown molding?”. Don’t make the mistake of planning out an entire room remodeling project without considering the cost of molding. It’s often overlooked until it’s too late. The last thing you want is realizing you needed an extra $2,000 to finish remodeling the room.

The cost of crown molding is determined using a combination of factors. Those factors include:

1. The material used for the molding.

2. The size of the molding.

3. The style of the molding.

4. The contractor’s cost of labor.

To estimate a rough budget for your remodeling project you need to determine the cost of each of these factors and then add them together. The first three all relate to the cost of the molding itself. You can only roughly estimate those costs based on existing data. In reality, the contractor performing the job may have connections or partnerships that allow them to purchase the molding at a reduced price, thus saving you money.

As for the cost of the labor, that can vary from one contractor to the next. To get the most accurate estimate possible you should use a tool like They have an easy-to-navigate website where you can receive free quotes from local contractors.

How Much Does It Cost To Install And Paint Crown Molding in Virginia?

On average, homeowners are paying between $600 and $1,600 to have crown molding installed in their home. The cost of crowning molding per foot is between $3 and $9 on average. These numbers have actually decreased compared to previous years, which makes this a great time to have new crown molding installed in your home. The price for base molding is roughly the same as crown molding or slightly less.

In addition to the cost of installation, you also need to consider the cost to paint crown molding. Most contractors who perform installations are more than willing to paint the molding as well or pass the work to a subcontractor. It’s a fairly inexpensive project with the average price ranging from $1.50 to $3.50.

By adding together the price per foot of installation and painting you reach an average between $4.50 and $12.50. Keep in mind that $12.50 is on the high side and won’t be encountered much. It’s also fairly unlikely you’ll find a quote as low as $4.50. Instead, expect to hear quotes closer to $7 per foot for installation and painting.

How Materials Impact The Cost Of Molding

The material of the molding will have a huge impact on the cost. The labor itself is usually only between $2 and $6 per foot and the rest of the estimate is determined by the molding. The size and style of the molding are important, but the material has the biggest influence. For example, molding made with exotic woods can cost as much as $45 per foot without labor.

The most common materials used for molding include plaster, solid wood, fiberboard, PVC, polyurethane, and metal. Metals like aluminum and copper are sometimes used in workshops and kitchens. They can be used indoors and outdoors. The cost per foot of those metal moldings ranges from $10 to $30 per foot without considering the cost of labor.

Plaster moldings are extremely common. The molding must be cast, which is responsible for some of the expense but also gives you an opportunity to have a molding with elaborate designs or decorations. The plaster won’t shrink or warp with age, but it is known to crack easily when being installed. The cost of plaster molding without taking into account the price of installation or painting is between $5 and $12 per foot.

Polyurethane is another common and inexpensive molding material. Some prefer it because it is resistant to rot and to scratches. However, it can be difficult to paint or stain. The average cost of the molding itself ranges from $2 to $6 for a single linear foot.

Perhaps the most common and most affordable of them all is Medium Density Fiberboard, also known as MDF. It has the appearance of a solid wood baseboard or crown molding, but it’s far more lightweight, much cheaper, and easier to install. The lightweight nature of the MDF makes it ideal for use in just about any room except for kitchens and bathrooms. The moisture in the air in those rooms can easily damage the MDF in time. This affordable molding material costs between $1 and $3 per foot.

Finding The Right Contractor For Your Crown Molding in Virginia

Once you’ve decided on a material you can roughly estimate that expense. The next step is to go online and find a local contractor to install and paint the molding. Use to connect with those contractors and receive a free estimate for the project. You might find that the price they charge is lower than the averages mentioned here.