08 Apr

What Is The Average Cost To Replace Windows?

Windows are an integral part of your home, and you may be required to replace them after some years. This requirement might be traced back to some windows getting old or some getting broken. Whichever the case, you will still be forced to incur some expenses getting these windows replaced, and you need to have a clear idea of how much you will be forced to spend depending on your kind of house, windows, and even location. Well, windows are very fragile, and you might be forced to replace them regularly. Luckily today we have developed a guide on the average cost to replace windows so that you know what to expect when the time comes.

What Is The Condition Of Your Window Frames?

It is evident that the condition of your windows is tied to the window frames. In that accord, it is vital to check out the status of your frames before anything else. Window frames are built to serve you for a very long time, but their exposure to air and water might make them rot. Inspect your window frames and check out if they are showing any signs of rot. If the frames are soft to touch, having some cracks or any other signs of wear, you might be forced to replace them as well. You can determine the need to replace your window frames from the number of years they have served you. If you do your analysis well and find that you have to replace your window panes, expect the final quote to double.

Window Varieties Explained.

The different types of windows you will come across are defined with how they operate, or rather the function they have in your home. When buying one, you should consider the purpose keenly and even look at what you want to achieve when putting up that window. The common types of windows you will find are;

1. The Single Hung Windows.

These windows can be purchased for between $200-$350 per single window. They are the old vertically opening windows. They are known for their fantastic insulation capability, but this is not enough to make any significant effect on a home’s temperature. It is recommended that you should only replace these windows on the ground floor alone for safety reasons.

2. The Double Hung Windows.

These windows are specially designed to be opened from the top or bottom and are perfect for areas that are not readily accessible. Both the upper and lower sashes can move, and they help in circulation of air when both these sashes are opened. They can be purchased for between $300 to $800 per window.

3. Sliding Windows.

They are characterized by two sashes where one slides over another in a horizontal direction. In some cases, you will find people referring to them as gliders, and they are perfect for the large windows. They are suitable for places where a broad view is desired and are very easy to clean and maintain when installed on the ground floor. They can be bought for anything between $325 and $1200 per window.

4. Casement Windows.

These windows are similar to doors in some way since they are hinged to one side and open like a door. They are used for maximum ventilation and can be hinged either at the top or bottom. They are firm due to the crank mechanism and can be bought for anything between $275 and $750 depending on the size and model.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace A Window?

Generally, replacing a window will cost you between $300 and $700. This is an average amount for an ideal situation where the window will be installed on a solid frame and on the ground floor where the expert does not have to climb or use a ladder. However, the cost can easily rise due to a couple of factors mentioned below;

• Special types of windows such as the triple glazed ones.
• The requirement to replace the window frame.
• The need for insulating glasses.
• Exterior decorative features.
• Location of the installation site.
• The time limits set.
• The unseen structural weaknesses that force the contractor to work extra.

However, your options are not limited to anything when trying to gauge the average cost to replace windows. It is essential to analyze your options and get the best work done at a fair price. Big box stores can be a good option if you do not want to get your hands dirty since they have a reasonable price for all the materials and a comprehensive insurance cover. However, the installation costs charged by such stores are quite high.

If you want to undertake a complete window replacement project, you could find a qualified contractor and manufacturer and have them give you their own average cost to replace windows for your specific situation. Taking an example, a typical replacement project for a double hung, standard window will cost you between $500 and $650 plus the installation. If the panes are rotten, expect to pay much more as the cost of wood ranges between $800 to $1000 for each installation. If the frame has to be entirely brought down, be prepared to pay about $100 more for each installation.

Getting The Best Quote.

It is advisable to get a quote from different contractors on the average cost to replace windows before making a final decision. Most quotes will include the following;

• The use of protective clothing to cover your items during the replacement.
• The cost of removing old and broken windows.
• The cost of removing any damaged or rotten wood.
• The cost of installing these windows.
• Insulation for the windows.
• A brief overview of the guarantee.


It has been seen what some of the critical things to take note of when thinking or replacing your windows are. Several factors determine the average cost to replace windows and you need to take all of them into consideration before finding the right amount of money to take you through that project. However, if you find it hard to find a close estimate, feel free to make use of our service that will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to replace your windows based on your exact home type and situation.