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13 Mar

What Is The Cost Of House Cleaning Services in Virginia?

What Is The Cost Of House Cleaning Services in Virginia?

It is a lovely feeling opening the door to your home only to be met with a fresh scent that only points to one thing; a sparkling clean home. Cleanliness is a top desire for most people. It is relaxing and gives you the peace of mind needed when you get home from work. However, some people may use the fact that they are busy and cannot find the time to clean their homes as an excuse for staying in a dirty place. Well, you do not have to clean your house on your own as a reliable cleaning service can do wonders for you. From spotless windows, sparkling floors to dusted shelves, the list is just endless. The good thing is that you do not have to pay a fortune for this as some of these services are very affordable. Read below and find out more about the cost of cleaning services in Virginia.




There is no standard for cleaning services in Virginia since homes are different, and so are the various companies offering these services. It is evident that most people operating on a budget would want to know the cost of what they are signing up for before doing so. Well, most of the professional cleaning companies have flexible rates depending on what you want. They also depend on the size of the home and how often you would want them to come and clean your place. It is not surprising to see some companies charging more for cleaning some unique items such as the refrigerator, oven, and ceilings among others. In a nutshell, it is essential to know what a firm offers and their terms before signing up for the cleaning services in Virginia to avoid nasty surprises later.


Typical Rates.


Cleaning services are aplenty in your home, and it is vital to get a good deal. Do not settle on the first cleaning company you stumble on the web and contact them straightaway to come and clean your home. Try and get some quotes from different companies since some of them might have some special packages and offers that suit you perfectly. However, there some typical rates charged by firms providing these services and most of them will not deviate much from the ones listed below.

Here are some of the average prices;


• Single-family homes- $130.
• Treatment of windows- $100 to $200.
• Walls and ceilings -$150 to $300.
• Furniture-$150


Keep in mind that these prices are not cast on stone, and they entirely depend on the size of the home, the number of windows and size of the wall among other factors.


Hourly Payment Options.


If you do not want to pay a cleaning service in Virginia based on the size of the home and number of items to be cleaned, you can opt to pay them on an hourly basis. In this case, you will be looking at entirely different rates determined by a new set of factors. The first point of consideration is the number of people you are hiring. Are you getting one person or three of them?


The other matter of concern is how regularly they will be cleaning your home. Will they be coming over on a weekly basis or after every two weeks? While you pay these professionals on an hourly basis, it is paramount to understand that you could be paying them after every month or week depending on the contract, so it is good to do your math well. The rates individuals charge for offering the different cleaning services vary widely, and it is difficult to come up with an accurate range of prices. However, a rough estimate of the charges are;


• Between $40 and $100 for hiring an individual for two hours.
• Between $100 and $200 for engaging a firm for two hours.


Keep in mind that these rates could vary depending on the size of your home and other factors. If you have a smaller house, expect these prices to be on the lower side. If your home has many rooms and storage, expect the rates to be on the higher end or even beyond the approximated maximum amount. Ensure you get the right quote explaining the terms before agreeing to anything.


How Are These Rates Settled Upon?


A professional cleaning company can quote the price for cleaning your house, and you might wonder how they arrived at that price. It has been mentioned that these firms will charge either by the hour or for every square foot. Usually, these companies charge per square foot if you want to have your entire home cleaned. Other important factors that come into play include;


• The cleaning frequency.
• The occupants and pets in the home.
• The different surfaces they have to clean.
• The special cleaning services they have to offer.
• The available number of professional cleaners.


A good cleaning firm will lay out their quote and explain to you why they have arrived at that price in case you have any questions. However, do not be too stingy and focus on the money you have to pay and forget the services at stake.


How Do You Save Some Money On Home Cleaning?


You do not always have to spend so much on cleaning services as you could follow some steps that will give you the best services at a reasonable price. First, ensure that you stay within your budget. Select a firm that offers all the services you require at an optimal rate. Do some research on the web and see what people have to say about the business to give you a clear picture of what to expect.


Even if you are a busy person, try and do the small cleaning tasks on your own. This will reduce the amount of time a cleaner spends in your home and reduce the amount you have to pay for their services. Dusting open surfaces and taking out the trash are things that can be done within a minute rather than waiting for a cleaner to come and do it.


Your cleaners do not have to clean the whole house every time they come over. Select some rooms they have to clean after two or three weeks depending on the activities in your home. It is very costly and unnecessary for you to pay for the time a cleaner uses to clean a room that is never used in your home.




Cleaning your house should not be a costly venture for you. With the details explained above, it is simple to ensure your home is sparkling clean at a reasonable price. If you are finding it hard to find the right amount of money you are required to pay for having your house clean, you have the power of the internet to thank. You could go over to an online tool like this one and find out the average amount of money you will be required to pay so that you have an idea of what you are getting into.